Creating a Culture of CleanlinessJOIN THE INITIATIVE

Creating a Culture of CleanlinessJOIN THE INITIATIVE

A movement to promote civic consciousness

Swachhagraha draws inspiration from the largest and most effective mass movement that our nation has seen – that of 'Satyagraha' – to give rise to a sustainable culture of cleanliness. It seeks to take the country’s Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan a step further by encouraging active participation of young citizens and creating youth leaders. It provides these leaders a platform to not only take action but also inspire others in the society.

5700 +

Schools in 19 states

99,000 +

Dal Members Enrolled by 6000+ Preraks

26 Lacs +

Students Engaged

12 Cr +

Community Outreach

Our Interventions

We strive to stir the collective conscience of people by establishing a link between the choices we make, the habits we inculcate and, thereby, the power we wield to create a positive impact in our environment.

School Intervention Programme

This programme focuses on behaviour change at the school level. As children are the change-makers of tomorrow, they are creating and strengthening a culture of cleanliness in schools and carry it forward to their homes & communities.

Youth Intervention Programme

The Swachhagraha Youth Movement is about empowering young leaders to propagate change in an interactive and innovative manner. This is done through outreach events, team building meets, large and small scale campaigns run on-ground as well as online.

Businesses Integration

Using the strength of Adani businesses is an important method of amplifying the impact of the project. Leveraging the reach of businesses have ensured that the ‘culture of cleanliness’ spreads further

Mass Awareness Campaigns

Numerous innovative campaigns and drives have been designed and implemented in order to reach out to the masses during large-scale community events. These are wonderful ways to convey the crux of Swachhagraha project and motivate others.

Our Campaigns

The relentless efforts to not just inculcate the habit of maintaining cleanliness but instilling an anti-littering behavior were supported by creative and participatory campaigns.

Safai ke sitare

This campaign sought to appreciate the silent efforts of the cleaning staff in schools, houses and neighborhoods by identifying them as the ‘Stars of the Country’. It sensitizes students towards the Safai Karamcharis by developing empathy and imbibing a positive behavioural change towards maintaining cleanliness.

Swachhagraha ke Reporters

In this fun and interactive video making contest, students had to shoot a one-minute video asking 3-5 people around them a question “Cleanliness - Whose responsibility?” They then had to analyse and make conclusions to present their opinion as a well-informed and critical reporter.

Nukkad Natak

Meaningful street plays were prepared by the students to propagate the key message of Swachhagraha. The objective was to attract the community’s attention and push them to think about the way we live our lives, the way we buy, use and dispose different items.